Welcome to the RISE® Method! 

The best way to use RISE® is to start by evaluating your Self-Esteem by taking the FREE test.

We are offering both possibilities to become a Free User or Premium Member. However, to access the Method and unlock all the features of the Mobile App, it is necessary to “Go Premium”. Once registered, you can install – free of charge – “RISE Self-Esteem” Mobile App (Apple Store and Google Play)

The Method and the Mobile App. are designed to fully complement each other. To make the most of RISE®, you are strongly advised to read the Method before using the App

In the Method, you will learn the fundamentals and the foundations of this simple and rapid technique, and you will also learn how to use the App

In the App, you will record your progress and note your daily results and improvements over the last 10 days. In parallel, you may also listen to the 9 audios – located inside the App – which summarize the essence of both the Method and the App.

We are offering to FREE users the ability to benefit from testing RISE®: by accessing from the Mobile App the first 5 audios and use the first step of the Method, you will be able to experience the meaningfulness of the system.

However, we strongly encourage you to unlock your full potential and change your life by becoming an Unlimited Premium Member!